Hello and welcome to the new and improved AudioDramaRama.

There have been some changes made to the blog so I decided to include this welcome page for a quick breakdown of where to find things and the posting schedule.

Site Navigation:

  • Home: This right here! You’ve made it home, go you!
  • Recommendations: I introduce to new audio dramas. I try my best to avoid spoilers while telling you what the audio drama is about and why I like it.
  • Five Audio Dramas for New Listeners: Here is where I will talk about the bigger audio dramas that are well known. These are good for people who have just started or have want to start listening to audio dramas.
  • New Audio Dramas: I can feel your excitement about this because you’re just craving to learn about audio dramas that have just started.
  • Interviews with Creators: This is pretty self explanatory, I will be interviewing the creators of audio dramas.
  • Audio Drama Community News: This is like the cool kid giving the morning announcements… except it’s once a month, and I’m not cool. I’ll tell you what’s been happing in the audio drama community.
  • Podcaster Resources: This will be a collection of information for creators/aspiring creators of audio drama. Think of it as a directory that shows you where to find advice, how-tos, tools, and whatever you need to make a successful audio drama.
  • Post History: This is where you will find all of the posts.
  • Podcast Subscription: This is where I keep a somewhat updated list of my podcast subscriptions.
  • About: This is where I tell you a bit about my fabulous self
  • Contact: This might surprise you, but I love talking, I especially love talking about audio dramas. Here you will find out all the ways you can contact me. It’s also where you would go if you have an audio drama recommendation for me, or if you have some community news to share.