Welcome to the AudioDramaRama of 2018

Hello fellow listeners, and welcome to AudioDramaRama!

When I was in high school I would only listen to educational podcasts (lectures), so when I started listening again last year it was a little overwhelming. I started with a true crime podcast, and I binged it for a few weeks. Then I listened to an audio drama, and everything changed. I discovered stories that had characters that were so relatable. Suddenly there were queer characters, characters dealing with mental illness, characters of color, and even non-binary characters. I entered this world where anything is possible. Unlike Hollywood, there are no gatekeepers that refuse to allow representation for fear of upsetting the status quo. Audio dramas are able to explore these stories that feature characters that represent us. We all look for a story where the characters resonate with us, and with so many podcasts available it can be hard to find those. I want to give listeners, be they old or new, something new that they might like. I’m pretty sure there will be something that you’ll like in my long list of podcasts.

At the moment, this site will just be a way for me to recommend podcasts, especially indie podcasts. I won’t be doing in-depth reviews about the sound design or professional review of the podcast. If that’s your jam check out Wil’s Podcast Problems or Ely’s reviews. I will be describing the podcast, tell you what I like about the podcast, and why I think you should give them a listen. I’ll try my best to keep things fun and interesting.

The first actual post will be soon. Bookmark the page, sign up for notifications, and follow the twitter account to stay updated.