From deep within the forests of Ohio lies something magical

Allow me to introduce you to a delightful place within my home state of Ohio, called Knox County. When people think of Ohio, they might think of Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, or our unusual ability to drive people into space *insert eyeroll*. What people don’t know, is that Ohio is home to a rather large magical community in Knox County. We have a radio station that gives us all the news about the magical happenings of Knox County.


The Magical History of Knox County is a radio show that was originally hosted by Abigail Redwine with the station tech, Ned Jones, assisting. But when Abigail went missing while investigating something, the station decided to bring in a new host, Mordecai Dogwood, as a replacement. Mordecai is new to the magic scene, in fact he didn’t know that a magical community existed in Knox County. There are crime syndicates, local legends, mysterious disappearances, and a talking toad of indeterminate species.

The Magical History of Knox County was created by an amazing and talented group of people and recorded at Kenyon College, which is in Knox County. Season one is comprised of eight episodes and a short. I hope there will be a second season because this first one was truly incredible.

I want to give some interesting story about why I started listening to this podcast, but honestly it’s just slightly embarrassing. I started listening because it was about Ohio and had magic, which are two topics I love. Don’t be fooled by how fun and silly this podcast is in the beginning, because something dangerous lurks deep in the forests of Knox County, and you’ll need to listen to find out what.

If you find yourself in Knox County Ohio, be sure to tune into The Magical History of Knox CountyYou can follow them on twitter. Or visit their website, and be sure to subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen.

Cover art for The Magical History of Knox County was created by Colton Flick.