The Queer Hero We Really Needed

Yup, this is a superhero audio drama recommendation. BUT not just any superhero, it’s a superhero the world has desperately needed.

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RedWing by JV Hampton-VanSant is about Jordan Redfield-Wade, a billionaire and private investigator. Jordan is also RedWing, the newest guardian of New Ark City. Not only is he dealing with the criminals of New Ark City, but he’s dealing with problems in his own life. RedWing isn’t the best or most experienced superhero, but he is trying his best. With his martial arts training, and his newly discovered super powers, RedWing will be a force to be reckoned with. Jordan’s real life is something of a mess, between his screwed up love life and the murder of his parents, he needs his alter ego, RedWing, to kick some ass.

The first season began January 1, 2018 and has three episodes so far and more to come. I honestly cannot wait to learn more about the origins of RedWing.

A queer person of color is the main character in this story! Let me say that one more time: A QUEER PERSON OF COLOR IS THE MAIN CHARACTER IN THIS STORY! This audio drama is full of representation! There’s even a non-binary character! I’m going to be honest, the only superhero I have ever liked before now has been Wonder Woman. But now, I have two superheroes to love. Listen and find out why I love RedWing just as much as Wonder Woman.

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RedWing image was by Mikaela B