I can’t even walk down a long gravel road alone anymore

I remember the good ol’ days back when I had a short list of fears:

  1. Losing my mom in a store
  2. The wooden sailor statue at the seafood restaurant
  3. The wolf monster that would snatch me from my bed if I wasn’t sleeping
  4. The monsters that lived in the vents
  5. Someone kidnapping me while using public restrooms

I could keep going, but it’s not actually a short list and I can’t give away all my secrets. Just know that little Alex would’ve gladly strolled down a gravel road by themselves in the middle of the night. Thanks to Andy Garland, I won’t be going on any solitary, moonlit strolls down gravel roads, so I might make it to 28.

Duggan Hill.jpg

Duggan Hill by Andy Garland is about Sasha Ismond, who goes missing while just outside of Duggan Hill. Sasha just disappeared without a trace, the only clues available come from recordings of the last few phone calls made to her former partner, Zoe. Being the last person to talk to her, Zoe feels that it’s her duty to unravel the mystery surrounding Sasha’s disappearance. She travels to Duggan Hill to search for clues, but they lead to even more questions. Finding answers seems impossible when “What do you remember?” becomes a difficult question to answer.

Duggan Hill has an incredible cast and crew that come together to create the mysterious thriller. There are currently six episodes out, and you’ll enjoy every second.

This audio drama is full of twists and turns, you will not be able to guess what is coming. I love everything about this! I highly recommend listening to this podcast, you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to check out Duggan Hill on Twitter, their website, and subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen.

Just in case you needed this warning, don’t go walking alone especially at night.

Duggan Hill art was by Kara LaRose