Never trust a place that calls itself Haven

I’m going to assume that you’ve all played video games and have watched movies. Whenever a place is named Haven or Sanctuary, it always ends up being some type of insidious scheme. People are either going to be servants of some monster overlord, they become test subjects for a large corporations, or it’s a combination of monsters and corporations. Y’all just need to stay away from places named Sanctuary, Zhu’s Hope, or Haven.

Haven Chronicles

The Haven Chronicles by Patrick Pierson is about a group of soldiers and their investigation into Haven after receiving a distress signal from a scientist. The story is told by the team members explaining their version of events. But nothing is as it seems, and even their memories are being called into question. Each member’s story seems to be slightly different, but these differences are important. As the story continues, they begin to question reality and begin to question if they have actually left Haven. If I continue,  I will run the risk of spoilers, and you should just go listen yourself. Just know that you should never trust a place called Haven.

I really love this podcast, as soon as you think you know what’s going on, there’s another twist. If you enjoy those reality bending stories, the ones where you question if it’s all in the character’s imagination, then you will love it. I recently listened to it again since new episodes came out, and I discovered things I missed the first time. I missed a few of the tv and movie references the first time I listened.

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The Haven Chronicles cover art was taken from @HavenChronicles