Heretics are not tolerated



Heretic by Bryan Marler is about Jack and the doomsday cult he grew up in. Jack explains what it was like growing up in this cult, and the effect it had on him. There were three laws that the brothers and sisters of the cult had to follow:

  1. The word of the Prophet is the word of God. Obey the word of the Prophet.
  2. Transgressors of the word of the Prophet will be chastised.
  3. Blasphemers of the word of the Prophet are heretics, they will NOT be tolerated.

Jack eventually left the cult, but was he able to escape it?

Heretic started February 2, 2018 and has four episodes with a new one released every Monday. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this podcast. Bryan Marler really brought Jack to life and gives the listener a creepy experience.

I, like many, have an obsession with cults. I love religion, mythology, folklore, and the psychology involved in those topics, so it’s no surprise that I am also fascinated by cults. This audio drama is about a destructive cult that is like Waco and Jonestown  where the members live on a compound. It is a frightening tale because as much as Jack believes that he has escaped, he hasn’t.

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Heretic cover art is from @hereticpod