Send me to the Space Ward

I just want us all to take a moment to appreciate the simplicity of that title… it brings tears to my eyes. I’ve been doing a lot of self care recently so I figured that Space Ward would be the best space podcast to recommend since it deals with mental health.

The Space Ward

Space Ward by Matt Fowler follows Galactic Marine Lieutenant Michael Stone who has been given the position of ship psychologist on the Gallant. The Gallant is a part of the very small armada of survivors left after a massive attack on the members of the Galactic Coalition. Imagine the issues that a ship psychologist would be handling on the Normandy in Mass Effect 3, and you’ll understand what Lt. Stone is facing in Space Ward.

Space Ward was released December 1, 2017 and currently has 11 episodes. The episodes are around 8 to 17 minutes long.

I have to hold myself back from spewing out incoherent praises for this audio drama. It is incredible and one of a kind. It’s set in space during an extinction event, and it is focusing on mental health issues. Matt Fowler has created something so special and I am giving myself a cramp trying to limit my usage of “awesome” and “incredible.” Trust me, you will never want this audio drama to end.

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Space Ward cover art was taken from their twitter @thespaceward