Aural Receptors Malfunctioning

I was going to just title it space cheese, but for some reason I kept thinking that sounded gross. But enough about my weird thought process, let’s get on with the recommendation. I’m continuing with the space theme because space is freaking awesome.

Girl in Space

Girl in Space by Sarah Rhea Werner follows the story of X, a young woman on a dying spaceship named Cavatica. X is the only human onboard the ship and hasn’t seen a single person for quite some time. But all that changes when she notices that a fleet of ships are coming towards the spaceship. She isn’t sure if they are friend or foe, and her malfunctioning AI, Charlotte, isn’t helping her at all. I’ve already had to delete multiple paragraphs, so that’s all I can say without giving away spoilers, so go listen to the podcast.

Girl in Space began September 17, 2017 and currently has seven episodes. Episodes are released twice a month, and there will be five more episodes for season one.

This audio drama is one of my favorites, it seriously makes my week when there’s a new episode. The writing, acting, and sound design are incredible. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Also Sarah Rhea Werner is the kindest person and we don’t deserve her.

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Girl in Space cover art was taken from @girlinspacepod