Around the world on a continuous loop

The theme song to this recommendation is Around the World by Daft Punk. I feel that  is an appropriate theme song for the people in this audio drama.

But before we get to the good stuff I have to say something. I am going to assume you have all played Mass Effect (you should if you haven’t), there is a scene in the Citadel DLC where EDI asks Traynor about some comments she made about EDI’s voice. EDI, like myself, couldn’t understand how you could be attracted to a voice. But since I started listening to audio dramas, I totally get it especially after listening to this podcast. The voice of Joseph Crane… yeah, enough of that. Let’s get this show on the road.

The Earth Collective

The Earth Collective by Mike Troup is a serial audio drama following Joseph Crane, a mechanic in The Collective. The Collective is the last remaining group of humans on the planet Oasus. They are constantly moving around the planet in an effort to run from The Dark. Joseph Crane is transmitting his recordings to a satellite to preserve the history of The Collective. In each episode, we learn more about The Collective and the planet they are inhabiting.

The Earth Collective is currently on season two. Season one has ten episodes and season currently has seven. There’s also a interseason series and a Patreon only miniseries called Toekoms.

This is an audio drama that you don’t want to miss. I love everything about this podcast and enjoy every single second of it. I get goosebumps when I hear the into, it’s that good. The reason why I love it, is because it’s like a combination of Horizon Zero Dawn and Final Fantasy XV. Something happened in the past that made people flee their homes and stay on the move. Whatever The Dark is, it’s deadly and constantly chasing them. This is one of those stories where I need to know more, if this were a game I would spend hours reading game lore to know everything about the world.

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The Earth Collect cover art was taken from @TECstory