Audio Drama Community News

I promised that I’d have something else for you, and I don’t want to make a habit of failing to deliver.

This little segment will be about new podcast blogs, newsletters, and podcasts. Because I am still limited by my fragile human body, I can’t write about every audio drama in existence. Also, people have different tastes and they can tell you about podcasts I have no interest in listening to. So I plan on giving a signal boot to the other delightful people in the podcast community that are writing and talking about podcasts.

First up is a darling of the audio drama community and an all around delightful human being, Ely aka @ShoMarq. You might know her from her live tweets, or her excitement for audio dramas. She recently started an audio drama newsletter called Audio Dramatic, which you should subscribe to today. She also writes for the Bello Collective.

Next up is Rithika aka @podtown25. She just started a blog about podcasts this week called PodTown. Be sure to check out her first review about Victoriocity and subscribe to her blog!

Finally, long time reviewer with the strangest hatred of whales, Wil Williams from Podcast Problems, has teamed up with Gavin from The Pod Report to create Tuned In, Dialed Up a podcast about podcasting. So be sure to listen and subscribe if you are interested about podcasting and/or puns.

And that’s all for this segment! Be sure to subscribe to all these blogs, newsletters, and podcasts to stay updated on the latest audio drama and podcast news.