Back roads and radio preachers

I mostly drive back roads because I hate driving on the highway, and it’s very peaceful. However, there are times when I get a little creeped out while driving these roads. When the streetlights disappear and there isn’t a house for miles, you start to feel like something is watching you from the darkness. Every time you look into the rearview mirror, you fear that someone will be looking back at you. You also expect that your radio will start talking to you… If you’ve ever experienced any of this, then you will love this audio drama.


Tribulation by Zero Mile Media is a horror audio drama about a sinister cult. It begins with Greg and Stacy Carlson driving home on a deserted stretch of highway. Greg begins flipping through the channels when he discovers a radio sermon and thinks it’ll be a good laugh. Little does Greg know that this will lead him and Stacy down a road they may not come back from…

Tribulation finished its first season August 30, 2017 with ten episodes. Season two is currently in the works.

This audio drama will have you on the edge of your seat, it’s everything I want in a horror story. I always thought radio preachers were creepy as hell, and this story has cemented that opinion. I don’t recommend listening to this during night drives because you’ll end up jumping at shadows. I’ve listened to season one at least five times, and it still gives me goosebumps.

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Tribulation cover art was taken from @TribulationCult