[Insert witty title about new audio dramas]

I’m blanking on a name for this new segment, if you have a suggestion then comment below, hit up the contact page, or mosey on over to my twitter page. Maybe I should call it The Twitter Page to sound more ancient.

I want to write a recommendation for every podcast that I listen to, but some of them have just started. After struggling to write a recommendation for two new audio dramas, I figured that I would need to do something a little different. I plan on writing an actual post for these podcasts once they have more episodes. Until they have more episodes, I am going to have a category for new podcasts. So without further ado, here is the new podcast corner.


First up is Starless by Justy Gee, which follows Rhana’s life after fires devastated earth. The first episode, “Idaho” was released April 1, 2018 and features a creepy little girl who wouldn’t be out of place in the Hallway of Horror.

We Fix Space Junk

We Fix Space Junk by Beth Crane follows a smuggler named Kilner and a fugitive heiress named Samantha. Kilner and now Sam work for a company that started out providing student loans, so you know it’s going to be shady. We Fix Space Junk currently has three episodes for your listening enjoyment.

Station Blue

Station Blue by Chad Ellis follows Matthew Leads and his summer working at a remote research station in Antartica, and the horror that is The Door. Station Blue currently has three episodes available and episode four will be released tomorrow April 5, 2018.

The Cardinal Sins Saga

The Cardinal Sins Saga by Tony Dallape follows Alex Cardinal and James Cold and their investigations into the supernatural world. Currently there are four short episodes to enjoy with more to come.

All's Fair

All’s Fair by Lewis Blemings Derrick and Tom Rory Parsons is a science fiction audio drama about time travel, fear, and corruption. There are two episodes available at the moment and you won’t want to miss this podcast.

Ear Epic Joseph

Joseph: The Revenge of Opus by Mark Brooks is an incredible science fiction audio drama that will leave you speechless. It has Auto-Mach, which are humans forcefully installed into a tech suit that turns them into a mysterious robot creature. There’s also bounty hunters! The first episode, Chapter one and two of the series, was released March 16, 2018. This is audio drama at its finest.

And this ends the first installment of whatever I end up calling this new audio drama segment. Be sure to listen and subscribe to these new audio dramas wherever you listen. Subscribe to this blog to get the latest news from yours truly, and if you could share this with your friends, family, followers, and pets it would make my day.