If it looks too good to be true

We’ve all experienced a situation where something was too good to be true. Maybe you decided to ignore the red flags and sent your banking information to a prince, or were fooled into thinking a relative was in some sort of trouble. Sometimes we just have to take the chance because it could be true, and we don’t want to miss out. Neil Hastbury-Rue was offered a job as a live-in groundskeeper at the Harrison Shaw Manor in the  mountains of Virginia, and he would’ve realized that all southern manors are haunted.

Misadventure by Death

Misadventure by Death by Jake Song follows the recordings of Neil Hasbury-Rue and his experiences as a groundskeeper for the recently opened Harrison Shaw Manor Museum. Neil quickly learns that this job isn’t going to be as easy as he first thought, between the unpleasantness of other staff members to the supernatural happenings around the manor, Neil might just die of fright. Thankfully he finds a friend on staff to tag along on his adventures.

Misadventure by Death currently has five episodes with a holiday minisode.

This audio drama has queer representation! I like my audio dramas to be queer, have relatable characters, and also adorable animals. Misadventure by Death checks all of those boxes and more. This is an audio drama that starts off silly and full of laughs, but slowly starts to get darker as the plot unfolds. It has that same kind of feeling that Wolf359 had at the beginning, where I thought it would be a silly podcast that ended up leaving me in tears.

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Misadventure by Death cover art is by Kassandra