And the walls came tumbling down, came tumbling down

If you know those lyrics, then you know the podcast in this recommendation. Hopefully, you don’t and I can introduce you to this great audio drama. We are going to take a trip through time following Private Trip Timeskipper.

Time Trip

Time Trip! by Just Press Playhouse follows Pte. Trip Timeskipper as he “trips” through time. He gets thrown into the quantum plane after an accident in the lab of Dr. Meira Bitterman. Trip is lost in time, but with the help of friends he meets on the way, along with Dr. Bitterman, he might make his way back home to his time.

Time Trip! season one has recently ended with ten episodes for your listening pleasure.

The outro song is seriously incredible and I want it for my ringtone *coughhintcough* I really love everything about this audio drama, it has time travel, hilarious moments, emotional moments, great writing, and incredible acting. This is sort of like Quantum Leap, but instead of traveling into the bodies of people, Trip is actually traveling through time in his own body. You really don’t want to miss this audio drama.

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