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If you haven’t heard the news yet, there is a podcasting event coming this June called Podcamp. I can already hear you screaming questions at your screens, but I got your back. Podcamp is going to be a collaborative effort by creators to write, record, preform, and publish a complete podcast within a long weekend (Friday night to Monday morning). This is an opportunity for podcasters to come together to create something truly special, and it’s a good opportunity to those who are just beginning. This sounds like a blast and I am already excited to hear the result of this weekend.

Details about Podcamp are still being released, but I was able to get have a little Q & A with its creators, Chris O’Keeffe and Patrick Yurick.

It’s a camp, and even though I’ve only been to camp a few times in my life, I know that sometimes you should bring more than a change of clothes and toiletries. So what is the list of supplies that podcampers should bring?

I asked this in jest because I knew that it was being held in a rented building and not out in the woods. But I never seem to learn that communication breaks down when it’s just words on a screen. But it also answered the question I should’ve asked which was: Do podcampers need to bring any equipment or supplies?

The “camp” part of Podcamp isn’t literal. We’ll be conducting this experiment in the comfort of a rented facility with beds and whiteboards and recording equipment. There is an application process, and once people are chosen we’ll all convene to write, perform, record and release two half-hour episodes of a sci-fi, radio-drama style podcast. Yes, everyone should bring a toothbrush, but also, everyone should bring a sharpie and some great ideas.

This is a very large endeavor, what made you and Patrick decide to go this route instead of a collaboration with a few known people?

Patrick and I have worked on a lot of things together. We did a class for Coursera (“How to Make a Comic Book”) which has had 22,000 learners (to date) come through it. We’ve done a graphic novel pitch for Marvel, and we’ve also done a podcast series for MIT graduate students that will be coming out soon.

When we zeroed in on this idea, we wanted it to be populist. Yes, we want to work with pros, but we also want creatives and producers that maybe haven’t had a chance to have their voices heard. The more the merrier! (as long as we can afford to reimburse their travel)

Do you have plans for future podcamps? Maybe at different locations?

Podcamp 2019 will take place in Salem, MA.

Is there anything you’d like to say to interested applicants?

Just apply. It’s a simple form, and feel free to shoot one of us a follow-up note. Patrick is running the Production Team and I’m running the Narrative Team. Hit him at or me at We’re as interested with individuals with amazing resumes as we are with folks that are just trying to shake things up and try something new.

Here is a little bit more information on Podcamp 2018:

Apply for Podcamp 2018 here, the deadline is April 30th, 2018.

Podcamp will be from June 29th (arriving at 6pm) to July 2nd (leaving no earlier than 12am). Chris and Patrick are planning to reimburse a percentage (they are hoping for 100%) of travel expenses for all registrants accepted. Also, room and board are provided for the Podcamp weekend.