Update on the coming changes

Hello everyone,

In my last post, I let you all know that I was making changes to AudioDramaRama. I have been working diligently to ensure that everything is ready to go by April 30th. But I wanted to explain and give more details about the coming changes.

New Schedule

Recommendations — Every Monday I will post an audio drama recommendation. This is where I will introduce an audio drama, give a brief description, and why I enjoy it.

5 Audio Dramas for New Listeners — At the first of the month, there will be a post featuring five audio dramas that I believe are great for people who have recently started listening, or want to start listening to audio dramas.

New Audio Dramas — Fourth Wednesday of the month, I will post about audio dramas that recently started. I am optimistic that I will have enough audio dramas to make a post every other Tuesday, but if I notice that I am struggling to find ones to feature then I will change the schedule.

Interviews with Creators — On the third Friday of the month, I will interview the creator(s) of an audio drama.

Audio Drama Community News — At the end of the month, there will be a post letting you know what is happening in the community. I will be sharing new conventions, new audio drama’s in the works, new reviewers, and other information relevant to the community.

Updated Menu

I will be updating the menu to allow for easy navigation. Visitors will be able to quickly view the posts made for the new segments.

New Pages

I will be introducing a Welcome page to the blog that explains where things can be found and other information that visitors need to know. There will be a page for creators that shows them resources that are available. In talking to new creators or people wanting to create their own audio drama, I’ve found that there aren’t many available and the ones that are, aren’t widely known. My goal is to have a place where creators can find the help and advice they need.


The contact pages will be changing as well. There will be one contact page instead of one for creators and one for everyone else. I will also be including my email on the contact page in addition to a contact form and twitter account.

Hopefully you are just as excited for these changes as I am. It is my belief that this will allow me to help the community that I have come to adore. If you have any questions, advice, talk about audio dramas, or just chat you can find me @audiodramarama, email me at audiodramarama@gmail.com, or comment below.