Intergalactic fashion can be a nightmare

If you are close to my age, or really like 90s American sitcoms, you might remember the show Just Shoot Me!. If you aren’t familiar, the show was set in New York or some other big city and was about a high style fashion magazine. The show featured a generic 90s cast and focused on their relationships with each other (but with fashion world ridiculousness). It was honestly the same generic 90s sitcom with a different setting. I would eat that shit up when I was little, and not much has really changed. This audio drama reminded of those shows, but it is so much better because it has queers in space.


Inkwyrm by Caldera Studios follows Mella Sonder of an intergalactic fashion publication. When Mella arrived at the headquarters of Inkwyrm Magazine, she expected to be the new AI caretaker. However, Mella was also made the new personal assistant of Louisiana “Annie” Inkwyrm, and neither of them are happy. Things get a little crazy when working at a fashion magazine in space.

Inkwyrm currently has sixteen episodes and is in its second season.

First, Inkwyrm is created by teens and gives me hope for the future (Go baby creators!). The audio quality and the editing is rough in season one (the first eight episodes), but it gets much better. They also redid the pilot episode, so be sure to start there when you do because it shows how they have improved. I really do love this audio drama, it features queers in space. As I said before, this audio drama made me think of sitcoms where each episode has a problem that the characters need to solve, usually in hilarious ways. I really love how the queer characters are written in this audio drama. Often you have queer characters that are written as queer normal people, instead of that queer character that does stuff sometimes. Also, it’s made by people from Ohio, and you know I’m going to support Ohio creators. This is a really fun audio drama that I highly recommend.

You can find Inkwyrm on Twitter and Tumblr, and you can become a supporter on Patreon. As always, don’t forget to listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Inkwyrm cover art was taken from Tumblr