Alba, are you evil?

I think that I would be an incredible old timey doctor. I wouldn’t want to be a royal physician like Alba Salix, but a doctor during the late 1800s. Imagine how easy it would be, just make shit up and prescribe them cocaine or beer. You could get away with anything, and if the person dies it’s not your fault. Then again being a royal physician would be pretty awesome. You could blame things on demons and bleed people to death. But you might be put to death. Anyway, enough about my desire to have an easy life while also being able to kill people who annoy me, allow me to introduce you to Alba Salix.

Alba SalixRoyal Physician by Eli McIlveen and Sean Howard is about a reluctant royal physician named Alba Salix. Alba is the sister of the queen and has no desire to be treating royals, or anyone. There are fairies, talking woodland creatures, trolls, and idiotic monks in the world of Alba Salix.

Alba Salix has six episodes with a second season coming. It also has a two episode story featuring Krankel, the sorcerer general, and a twelve episode story about a bar just outside the kingdom of Farloria called The Axe & Crown.

I adore Alba Salix, I waiting so long to listen to it, and I hate past Alex for continuing to put it off. I have listened to all three parts multiple times. If you are ever feeling down, Alba Salix will be there to pick you up. Don’t you want to hear about a physician that isn’t an evil witch, but like to have the option of being evil? I highly recommend this audio drama, but I do have to give a warning: This audio drama is extremely quotable, so don’t blame me when you start quoting lines.

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