Automnicon. We own you.

I’m going to start this recommendation off a little differently. I want you to think about all the contracts you have signed and Terms and Conditions you have agreed to. I’ll wait…


Did you read and understand everything that you were agreeing to? I have only read the Terms and Conditions once when I was installing something on my computer.  Imagine if a company that supplies student loans became a megacorporation that is in complete control. “But Alex, what would this mean?” I hear you ask, truly invested in this scenario. You go and get a loan to purchase a spaceship. The contract states that you have to pay off the loan by working for them. If you know your history, or you distrust corporations, you can see where this is going. You sign the contract because you didn’t read it, or because it is the only way you will get that ship. But before you leave to get in your new ship, there are some things you are required to have, but don’t worry they can just add it to the amount you owe. Everyday you add to your debt through a series of micro transactions (in this case it would be food, electric, water, air, fuel, medicine, and whatever else you need to survive) extending the length of your “employment”. There is also interest that is compounded daily. Oh! before I forget,  your parent has a loan as well and it can be inherited if they die before it is paid. Doesn’t that make you want to read through every contract that you will sign?

If the woman in this week’s recommendation would have read the contract herself instead of just signing it, she might not have become a “self-employed indebted contractor” of Automnicon.

We Fix Space Junk

We Fix Space Junk by Beth Crane starts off with Kilner, a self-employed contractor of Automnicon, on her last delivery that will pay off all of her debts. Unfortunately the job quickly turns sour and now Kilner has a new partner. Samantha Trapp now belongs to Automnicon and is Kilner’s new partner. But how helpful will an ex-heiress be? As you can imagine, they are going to encounter a lot of problems when the jobs come in.

Season 1 of We Fix Space Junk has recently ended with 8 episodes, and there will be a miniseries beginning June 6, 2018. Season 2 begins September 17, 2018 so you have time to listen.

We Fix Space Junk is a really unique audio drama that I love. We’ve all had those moments where everything has gone completely wrong and all you can do is laugh. We Fix Space Junk is exactly like that, their situation is so horrifying it’s funny. If you’ve ever had to take out student loans, I’m sure you can relate to the indentured self-contractors of Automnicon. I recommend reading the Terms and Conditions carefully before subscribing because you wouldn’t want to accidentally agree to anything nefarious.

You can check them out on Twitter an on their Website. You can also support them on Patreon. And as always, listen and subscribe to them wherever you get your podcasts.

We Fix Space Junk cover art was taken from Battle Bird Productions