Like Dalí and Seuss got together and made an audio drama

When I was a kid I was absolutely obsessed with Dr. Seuss, okay I’m still a little obsessed with Dr. Seuss. But how could I not be, it is full of strange and unusual things and is full of happiness. I really loved how everything was bright, colorful, and imaginative. I would relate by creating these Seussian landscapes with colorful grass and fantastical trees. The audio drama I am recommending this week has captured that wonder.

In this recommendation, I am trying something a little new. I am embedding the trailer right in the recommendation, so you can give it a try.

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Tropical Moon by Giles Warren is a surreal story set on a moon named Tropical Moon. It is a strange and mysterious place full of bizarre characters. In each episode, the listener gets a story about the moon and its inhabitants. If you can take a moment to suspend your disbelief and just imagine, this is an incredible audio drama.

Tropical Moon currently has ten episodes including the “Welcome to Tropical Moon” from above.

As I stated before, if you are able to suspend disbelief, you will really enjoy this audio drama. I have never been as relaxed as I am while listening to Tropical Moon. Warren is able to create this surreal moon where anything is possible, and you can wait to find out what its inhabitants are getting up to. The narrator’s voice is so calm and pleasant it brings up memories of being told stories as a child by my grandparents. I highly recommend this little audio drama, you won’t be disappointed and you will find yourself singing the intro.

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Tropical Moon cover art taken from @TropicalMoon