New Audio Dramas [March-May 2018]

Welcome to the newish series of posts where I will introduce you to audio dramas that have been released during the month. This one will be a little different because

  1. There were not many audio dramas released in the month of May
  2. I decided to extend the beginning date to March.

There were a lot of audio dramas released since March and I am excited to share all of these with you.!8a95f7b27a3cc83d4cd8741fc806d2f01de8fd6e

Medusa Gorgon’s Academy for Young Witches by Rachel Rauch

Medusa Gorgon’s Academy for Young Witches is the place for all you witches-in-training to go and learn the craft. Open from dusk to dawn, students will be taught by the “best” teachers. Satisfaction is guaranteed… just maybe bring a mirrored shield when requesting a refund. I love the idea for this podcast, and while it is a little rough around the edges now, I can see it becoming a highly enjoyable audio drama.

Untypical by EAST Corp

With a name like Twisting World, you just know its going to be full of the strange and unusual. Magic has a tendency to change things. When magic saturated the Twisting World, it changed the land and the people inhabiting it. Now these people must make new lives for themselves. Listen and find out what is happening in this new world full of magic, danger, and creatures.!a8ba8906b7f98cb2161a1f1c4da5f8e0bd9166ac

Aftershocks by Vin Ernst

The idea behind Aftershocks is that even people with mental illness can be a hero. Riley becomes institutionalized after she suffers a breakdown. While at the institution, she meets two others struggling with their own mental illness. They eventually stumble across something dark. What secrets are hidden in the institute? Listen to find out.

Calais 2037 by New Time Productions

lot of time and thought went into the making of Calais 2037. You have to listen to this with headphones or earbuds because this is a first person immersive audio drama. It puts you right in the story, and what a story it is. Marsha Everlyn is the advisor of Joan Harrison, the leader of His Majesty’s Official Opposition. Things are not going well, they are living in exile on the shores of Europe State and political refugees are streaming in. Then Joan’s son arrives, but for what purpose? Listen to this tale of love, loyalty, deceptions and betrayal. You won’t be disappointed.!bbf62c0c9b058851c4e945f12912d4d966d9ba24

Grayskies Audio

SR-137596, or Sonny, is not your usual detective, he’s an AI. In his first case he has to find a missing coffee maker, but the case takes a sudden turn. Now Sonny has to sole a murder, and hopefully get his own coffee maker for the office. I will be completely honest and say that I almost didn’t finish this episode. The first few minutes are difficult with so much going on and it’s hard to make sense of what’s happening. But once you make it through that, it becomes a great audio drama about a AI detective trying to solve a murder.

Joseph by Ear Epic Production

I still can’t get over how good this is, and I need more of it. Joseph is this gritty tale of bounty hunters, evil scientists, and cyborgs. This audio drama is a combination of Mad MaxGhost in the Shell, and Cowboy Bebop.

Tink & Jupiter by Chicken Patty Mondays

This 8 chapter (plus an epilogue) story is about a girl named Tink. Tink wakes up one day to discover that she has the ability to bring machines to life. She accidentally brings an old gaming console to life. The gaming console, named Jupiter, escapes into the neighborhood and Tink must catch him before he causes trouble.

ATHENA by V. H. Dubendorf

ATHENA is a sci-fi audio drama about an 18 year old girl named Athena who’s trying to figure herself out. It seems that teenagers in all lifeforms strive to create unnecessary problems for themselves. Athena’s journey takes a sharp turn when she decides to escape her home and head to Earth. What will she find there? Listen and find out.

The End of Time & Other Bothers by Eli McIlveen & Sean Howard

This is a role playing game set in the world of Alba Salix using the Dungeon World system and improvising they play a game and tell a story. This is so good you forget that they are playing a game.

Going Lowbrow by Jake Rosario & Eddie Gray

Is a queer musical fairytale romance about a disgraced prince and the ill-bred commoner hunting him down. Will they fall in love and have their happily ever after? Or will the ex-queen end up getting her and her son beheaded?

The Hotel from Theatre of Tomorrow

Is a horror anthology set in a deadly hotel. The guest check in, but they never seem to check out. These short episodes are a great way to inject a little horror into your day. But maybe don’t listen to them if you are going to be checking into a hotel, especially one with a bellhop.

Moya by Ben Cutmore

This audio drama is set in People’s Republic of Moya, a harsh environment inhabited by strong spirited people. Agent Nevin has been sent to investigate a double homicide, but he soon learns that Moya is more than it seems and that this case won’t be a simple one.

The New Adventures of Red Riding Hood by Gareth Severn

This audio drama is a really cool sci-fi retelling of Red Riding Hood, set in space. I love when someone takes an old fairytale and creates a “modern” version of it. Captain Ruby Hart is tasked with delivering a package to G.R.A.N.D.M.A.S. but this mission is not without its dangers. What form will the big bad wolf take? What’s this delivery and why is it so special? Listen and find out.

Pixie by Rick Coste

Pixie is the devils daughter and is at odds with him because she enjoys creating beautiful pictures. You can imagine that this causes a lot of friction. Pixie, with her best friend Waine try to find a way to escape the kingdom of hell. They have to escape before Pixie’s father crushes her dreams by turning her into the demon he wants her to be.

Quietly Yours by Daffadillies

This is a horror anthology audio drama. It’s like being at a sleepover and whispering scary stories to each other. So grab a pint of ice cream, wrap yourself up in some blankets, and press play. The first episode is about sibling rivalry and full of horrifying moments.

Starless by Justy Gee

This a post-apocalyptic audio drama. After numerous fires ravaged the land, humanity is struggling. Ash and smoke fills the air making breathing difficult. Hope seems lost in this new and broken world. But a woman named Rhana is on a mission to restore humanity. Listen as she travels and meets new people in this post-apocalyptic world.!70b57835bcffa43a3562583085ec905b1cd05440

Take the Mass Pike by Amanda McSweeney-Geehan

Is a anthology of short stories that all take place somewhere in Massachusetts. The first story is about a woman who’s started a podcast about home renovations, but she might want to change it a paranormal podcast.

UTOPIA by Sawdust Media

This audio drama is set in a universe where World War I really did end all wars. The League of Nations succeeded and brought about global unity. Everything is perfect: the people are all provided for, live expectancy has vastly improved, there’s a universal language (Esperanto), and everyone is free to experience existence and explore life. However, the citizens of this utopia begin to experience strange psychological disturbances that are very troubling.!98da5c310530f3d2959540e23775ce1f90c3aabf

The Aftermath by Megan Chapman

Is an audio drama about two small town radio hosts named Emma Spreengs and Marcus Wiggins. They begin broadcasting in the aftermath of a demonic purge. However, they soon discover that some evil still remains.

Hopefully you found some new audio dramas for your listening pleasure. Next month will be a normal post about new audio dramas released in June. If you have an audio drama coming out soon, be sure to let me know.