Where do I sign up to go to Station Blue?

As I’m typing this recommendation, my room is at 23ºC/83ºF. I’m sweating so much, and will probably need to change my sheets before going to bed. The thought of traveling to a frozen wasteland sounds really, really good. The high probability of me dying by some monster or angry scientist would be totally worth it. I am so jealous of Matthew for getting to go to Antartica. The temperature at theMcMurdo Station in Antartica is currently at a cool -29ºC/-20ºF. I don’t know about you, but that sounds absolutely splendid, plus there is the added benefit of being completely alone. I wonder how one contacts the Flower Company.

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Station Blue by Chad Ellis follows Matthew Leads as he works at the remote antarctic station during the summer. Matt applied to the Flower Company and believed that he didn’t get the job after they failed to contact him after a year. However, the person they hired dropped out, and now Matt is alone in the middle of nowhere. He has to deal with power outages, storms, a creepy door, loneliness, and mental illness.

Station Blue will have ten episodes in season one. Currently there are five episodes with a new one released every other Thursday.

If you know me, you know that I have a particular taste in horror. I don’t like jump scares or shocking imagery because it doesn’t stick. Sure it will have the audience jump in fright or be disgusted, but it doesn’t have a lasting impact. I love stories that stick with you, where they slowly creep back into your mind after you think you’ve forgotten. I like a story that slowly builds suspense and horror to make something truly frightening. Station Blue delivers this type of horror. This is a great audio drama that you really don’t want to miss.

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Station Blue cover art by Kessi Riliniki