Now it’s the fireplaces that have monsters

It’s story time! Now this story will relate to the audio drama I will introduce, I promise.

Were you ever afraid of something really weird as a child? I was a little ball of anxiety, so my brain was always thinking up new ways to scare me. One of my favorite fears, was my fear of the registers. Registers are the vents for the heating and cooling in your house. Before you ask, there is a reason for my fear! Not all of my fears were created by my imagination. No, this fear was created by two of my cousins. They told me that there were monsters that lived in the vents, and that you could hear them if you put your ear to it. So what did little Alex do? That sweet, sweet little angel put their ear to the vent, and I heard a monster. Of course I didn’t realize that it was one of them speaking in the other vent, no I heard a monster. Every night before bed, and multiple times each night, I would check the vent in my bedroom. I needed to know if those vent monsters were in my house because I didn’t want them to snatch me from my bed. Surprisingly, this is a fear that crawled it’s way into adulthood. No, I don’t think that there are monsters that live in the vents. But I will admit to getting the chills when I reach down into the vents to get something that’s fallen into it. I’m mostly afraid that my hand will encounter an animal or insect while I try to quickly grab whatever I dropped. I’m thankful that this wasn’t around when I was a child. Because I didn’t need help thinking up new ways to torment myself. Also I really like fireplaces and I would be so upset if that fear transferred to adulthood… but now that I think about it, those old fireplaces could hide— NOPE! Locking that thought away before I can terrify myself.

Allow me to introduce you to the “delightful” little town of Munchen, Minnesota.

Munchen, Minnesota by Justin Glanville and Christine Borne is about a small town called Munchen, pronounced Munchin. Now Munchen seems like your everyday poor small town, it was once a bustling community, but now it’s turning into a ghost town. A company has come to town with the goal of “Making Munchen great again.” And… well with that slogan, you just know it can’t mean anything good for the town. People and children are going missing, and it all seems to be connected to fireplaces and Scandinavian folklore.

Munchen, Minnesota currently has seven episodes with hopefully many more to come.

So, by now you shouldn’t be surprised that I really love folklore and mythology. Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by folklore and mythology, especially Scandinavian. I also like stories where these creatures from myth are brought to life. This audio drama has reignited that desire to research all those mythical creatures that filled me with so much wonder and delight. I could listen to this all day and not get tired. The voice acting is fantastic and they really bring the characters to life. Also, it features queer characters, characters of color, and queer characters of color. So you not only get folklore and magic, but you get a diverse cast. Finally, I must also mention that this is another podcast that is made here in my home state, that’s right, another Ohio Podcast.

You can find Munchen, Minnesota on twitter and visit their website. Don’t forget to listen and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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