5* Audio Dramas for New Listeners


If you are just beginning your adventure into the land of audio dramas, stereo stories, eary hearies, radio drama, radio plays, audio fiction, or whatever you choose to call them, it can be overwhelming. I didn’t start listing to audio dramas too long ago and I remember how hard it was to find something I liked. At the beginning of the month, I will share 5 audio dramas that I believe are great starting points for people that want to listen to audio dramas.

*Since I went on a hiatus, I am sharing 10 audio dramas instead of 5 to make up for the long absence.

Welcome New Listeners

As I stated before, this is a new feature where I will list 5 audio dramas that are perfect for those new to audio dramas. However, this will include 5 additional podcasts to make up for my absence. Now, here are 10 podcasts that are great starters for those new to audio dramas.

The Bright Sessions by Lauren Shippen

This is a podcast that will always have a special place in my heart, as it got me through some very tough times. It also helped me finally make the decision to go to therapy. The Bright Sessions is about a group of people with superpowers in therapy. Lauren Shippen has created a world where superpowers become more realistic.  To find out what I mean by that, listen to the first episode where Sam, a time-traveler with anxiety, is introduced. Trust me when I tell you, that you will not be disappointed by choosing to listen. Lauren Shippen’s writing combined with an incredibly talented cast bring this story about personal growth and mental illness to life.

The Tales of Sage and Savant by Eddie Louise

This is a delight story following Dr. Petranella “Petra” Sage and Professor Erasmus Savant and their travels through space and time.  If you enjoy steampunk and history, you will fall in love with The Tales of Sage and Savant. Eddie Louise carefully researches the history of the places that Sage and Savant visit to accurately depict what they will experience in that time (read more in my interview with Eddie Louise HERE). In addition to being well written, the acting and soundscaping are incredible and make this an audio drama you won’t want to miss.

Wolf 359 by Gabriel Urbina

Wolf 359 is a Sci-Fi audio drama set on a space station orbiting a red dwarf star. This audio drama finished in December of 2017 with 61 episodes. Follow along as the crew of the Hephaestus Station fight boredom, betrayal, aliens, and a quasi-evil corporation. Featuring an extremely talented cast, incredible writing, and highly quotable one liners, Wolf 359 is a must listen.

The Deep Vault by Marc Sollinger and Dan Powell

This is audio drama follows a group of friends as they try to find safety in a dystopian world. They go searching for a bunker that could be key to their survival. However, what kind of story would it be if the didn’t find more than shelter inside the bunker. Listen to all 8 episodes and find out what they find hiding in the bunker.

Big Data by Ryan Estrada

Have you ever been scrolling through Twitter or doing some late night online shopping and thought, “What if someone stole the internet?” Maybe you have read about the “seven keys to the internet” and got excited. While fascinating, there are many safeguards in place to protect the internet. Ryan Estrada uses real concepts to create a series of scenarios that allow for the keys to be stolen. Each episode tells listeners how the key was stolen from their holder. Personally, my favorite episode is “Episode 3: Motivation.”

The Fall of the House of Sunshine by Matt Roi Berger and Jonathan A. Goldberg

I always describe this musical audio drama as Death to Smoochy and Avenue Q coming together to create a very different version of Cavity Crusaders. Season 1 begins with the murder of Brushee Sunshine, the lovable host of a children’s tooth cleaniness show, The Sunshine Smile Hour. If you enjoy comedic musicals like Little Shop of Horrors or Firebringer, then this is an audio drama you will want to check out. It is one that needs to be experienced because it is so hard to explain. A musical podcast that discusses topics like betrayal, secret cults, crime, and oppressive governments while also being a comedy with puppets shouldn’t work. Somehow this talented cast and crew have created something that you will never hear in another podcast.

Limetown by Two-up Productions

Before I tell you about Limetown, I need to say, “LIMETOWN IS COMING BACK AND I SCREAM EVERY TIME I REMEMBER THAT FACT!” 

Limetown follows a reporter, Lia Haddock, and her investigation into what happened to the people of Limetown. She digs deeper into the mystery of how over 300 people went missing from a small town in Tennessee. Listen and understand why so many of us cannot wait for season 2 to be released.

LifeAfter by GE

I wasn’t too sure about this audio drama in the beginning because it is the production of General Electric. I just didn’t want to listen to something only to find out that it was just one big commercial. Thankfully, that isn’t the case and what listeners get is an incredible tale about technology and life. We share much of our lives online, intentionally and unintentionally. What would happen if a program was able to collect all of that information and make a digital copy of you? This copy would sound like you and respond to things like you. What if it could essentially bring someone back to life and allow you to interact with them? LifeAfter answers this very question. It follows Ross Barnes, a low-level FBI clerk, who is able to talk to his deceased wife.

Wormwood by Habit Forming Films, LLC

This audio drama begins with Dr. Xander Crowe receiving a strange vision of a murder that lures him to a small town named Wormwood. It soon becomes clear that there is a lot more to this small town and it’s apparent that everyone has a secret. I would suggest that you don’t listen to this audio drama in the car, you will be constantly turning the volume up and down. The audio issues aside, this is a great supernatural mystery that shouldn’t be missed. Also, I will warn that there is an episode that has a scene with sexual assault and I don’t think there is a CW.

Edict Zero – FIS by Jack Kincaid

If you enjoy cyberpunk stories, then you don’t want to miss Edict Zero – FIS. It takes place on a new Earth called EDICT ZERO, and follows a task force investigating an event that took place on New Year’s Day 2415. It’s like a 50s film noir detective film set in the future. If you want to understand what people mean when they say “it’s like movie for your ears,” then you will want to listen to Edict Zero-  FIS. This audio drama sounds best when listened with headphones.


Good luck and happy listening!

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