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Happy Monday, everyone!

If you aren’t happy now, maybe you will be by the end of this post. I get to talk about two things I really love: audio dramas and mythology. I believe that I’ve revealed in another post that I have a deep fascination with mythology and folklore. Norse mythology is my absolute favorite, but I love everything. When in university, I took a lot of Greco-Roman classics classes, and it was heaven. My favorite greek god is Dionysus (Bacchus in Rome). He is my favorite because not only is he the fun god, but he was a shelter for the outcasts. Also, he had the maenads, and… they are the best. Anyway, before I get more off track, let’s talk about Pandora.

Whenever Pandora comes up in conversation its always about how she opened a jar (not a box) and released evils onto the world. I really dislike most of the stories about her. She is viewed as this harbinger evil, but I’ve always had a different interpretation of Her story. In my mind, Pandora has always been a reflection of humanity’s hope. It’s not so much that Pandora introduces the negative aspects of the human condition to the world, but her eyes have been opened to them. With her world crumbling, she looks into the jar and at the very bottom is hope. She then closes the lid sealing hope inside. To me, Pandora is the holder and guardian of human hope. She witnessed all the horrors that humanity brings, but managed to find a small bit of hope and she sought to protect it. Now, if you are a classics nerd, don’t get all riled up. I know that isn’t the real meaning of the story. We all know that it was simply another tale about not angering the gods and how women are vessels of the gods punishment. But, I prefer the interpretation that I have had since I first heard the story of Pandora, and really do you expect anything different from me? Now that you know my feelings on Pandora, let’s take a look at an audio drama where she is the main character!


Mount Olympus University by Raeanna Nicole Larson follows Pandora Wordsworth, a human woman that has been mistakenly accepted to a university that caters to the figures from myth and lore. Pandora accepts the invitation to MOU because it is her only chance at higher education, since her other applications were lost and her parents spent her college savings. Listen to find out how a human deals with supernatural politics and tries to keep her secret from being discovered.

Mount Olympus University debuted May 14, 2018 and is currently on its first season. There are 14 episodes with a 10 – 15 minute runtime per episode. New episodes are released every Tuesday at 9:00 am EST.

I really love this audio drama. I find myself singing along with the song at the beginning and end of each episode. My favorite part about this audio drama, is that Pandora is struggling to find hope. All of her acceptance letters were destroyed, and her parents clearly couldn’t care less about her. She thinks that college will be a chance to finally escape and become her own person, but she isn’t even supposed to have been accepted at MOU. She soon finds herself drawn to the radio station, and slowly discovers that she might actually belong at the university. I’m just a sucker for feel-good stories with just the right amount of angst. Also, there are so many hilarious moments that had me cackling and texting them to people.

You can find Mount Olympus University on Twitter @mtolympusu and visit their website. Don’t forget to listen and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Mount Olympus University cover image was designed by Jess Reed