Let’s go trippin through space

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As I said on Twitter, I am in a really good mood this morning. I decided to skip over the other recommendations that I could have shared today to write this one. I wanted to keep with the lighthearted feel that I have going today.

I really like to wander, I just like discovering new places and things. It could even be a new way to drive on my way home from work. Here’s where you find out that I really am old and easy to please. In my senior year of college, I spent my spring break investigating the places within driving distance. I went to the Ohio caverns and to the different “castles” in Ohio. It was a dumb trip, but it was something that I have never done, and I never planned to do. I just convinced my mom to get in the car with me, and we drove around finding fun things to do. It didn’t cost a lot, and I found out some really cool things about Ohio, I also had a fun trip with my mom that was reminiscent of some trips I had as a child. I like to do this on actual vacations as well, I will venture out of the touristy areas and go into the quieter sections. This week’s recommendation really has that type of feeling to it. That feeling of trying something new to satisfy your curiosity.

Star Tripper

StarTripper!! by Julian Mundy is a road-trip through space. Feston Pyxis, our hero, decides to quit his job as a corporate paper pusher and buys the famous Star Tripper spaceship. He along with the ship’s AI/integrated assistant, PROXY, go explore the cosmos.

StarTripper!! debuted June 2, 2018 and currently has nine episodes. Each episode is around 18-22 minutes long.

There is so much to love about this audio drama. The tone of StarTripper!! is a sci-fi feel good story that is grounded. When Feston quits his job, he isn’t magically beyond monetary restrictions. He has a limit to how far he can go after quitting his job and buying a space ship. Feston also is somewhat cautious when making a decision. He could still be considered impulsive, but he does put thought into the decisions that he makes. In the preview, when Feston is buying the Star Tripper, he checks the ship out before actually buying it. Later there are times where Feston will check with PROXY before doing something to make sure he doesn’t die. I also really love the relationship between Feston and PROXY, it is so sweet and wholesome.

You can find StarTripper!! on Twitter @StarTripperHQ and visit their website. Support them on Patreon. And don’t forget to listen and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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StarTripper!! cover image by Julian Mundy