Five Audio Dramas for New Listeners [September]

Hello fellow listeners,

I have gone through my subscription list and selected five audio dramas that I believe would be a great place to start your journey into the wonderful land of audio dramas.

The Big Loop by Paul Bae

In the description for this anthology series it states, “each episode is a self-contained narrative exploring the strange, the wonderful, the terrifying, and the heartbreaking.” Each episode is packed with emotion and you will find yourself forgetting that it is fiction. Before you listen, make sure you have tissues ready because there’s a good chance that you will be wrecked.

Greater Boston by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason

Set in an alternate reality Boston, Greater Boston is a story about community. Listeners get a glimpse into the daily lives of these residents and hear how they affect the world around them. The story begins with the death of Leon Stamatis and listeners are able to piece together how that one event brought about big changes.

Wooden Overcoats by David K. Barnes

Growing up I used to watch The Vicar of Dibley and other Brit-coms on PBS. Wooden Overcoats is reminiscent of that time. Set on the small island village of Piffling Vale there is a funeral parlor named Funn Funerals. It seems to be your tiny English village until a new funeral parlor opens up. A rivalry begins and hilarity ensues. I recently binged all three seasons and loved every minute.

The Leviathan Chronicles by Christof Laputka

Now would be a great time to get into The Leviathan Chronicles because they are currently working on the final chapters. This is a story about immortals, aliens, and secret government agencies all vying for power. It is a fantastical story that is a serious labor of love. I am so excited to hear how this story ends.

Join the Party by Multitude

Now, I struggled on whether I should include Join the Party in this list because it is an actual play podcast. There is debate on whether actual play podcasts should be included with audio dramas. I’m of the opinion that they are audio dramas because they tell fictional story, they are just using a role-playing system to tell that story. Also, I think that Join the Party is a great entry into audio dramas. If you have listened to nonfiction podcasts and enjoy them, this is that area between both worlds. I have always wanted to play a table top role-playing game (ttrpg), but was always scared away for various reasons. Join the Party made me realize that it really is for everyone and that it is a lot of fun.

Good luck and happy listening!

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