Audio Drama Community News [September 2018]

Hello and happy Friday everyone!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful day. It’s time to talk about what has been going on in the audio drama community. We have a lot to get through, so go get a drink and some snacks.


Are we calling it PodCon 2018 because it will be in January 19-20, 2019? Whatever we are calling it, the second PodCon is happening. I am so happy that this got funded and about all of the people who will be there. I will be going to PodCon this time too, and I might bring stickers or something.

Podcation Update

Yesterday,  Jupiter Saloon was introduced.

If you don’t remember, Podcation was a three-day weekend where a team wrote and recorded an audio drama during that time. It is a really awesome idea and I am excited to hear what was created during that weekend. You can visit the website at

2018 Audio Verse Awards

The nominations are open until September 30th at 11:59pm PST. “Oh golly gee! Alex, how do I submit a nomination? Are there any rules?” Well, what a good question, and thank you for asking. The nomination needs to be an eligible production, and the Audio Verse Awards define an eligible production as follows:

The production must have “aired” between October 1st, 2017 and September 30th, 2018.

  • It must be a freely available production. (i.e. if it’s on Audible, or if you have to pay to listen to it, it’s not eligible), pay what you will financing is allowed, if there is a zero dollar option.
  • We define audio drama as a dramatization, not prose, with actors playing characters and using sound effects or/and music to present the piece.
  • All elements of the audio drama must either be in the public domain or have the rights secured for presentation.

Keep in mind:

  • In order to have “aired” the production must be available online and distributed to the general public (through a website, RSS feed, iTunes, Google Play or SoundCloud). Services like Dropbox or Google Drive will not work, as unless you have the specific link, it is hard to come across those files.
  • The air date of a production will be when they first appeared for public consumption.
  • Freely available means that the actual production should be available for free online. You CAN support your actors and crew through merchandise, donations, advertising, or one or more people serving as a patron, we all have to pay for hosting and labor. However, the AVAs utilize public voting to determine winners, and productions behind a paywall are disadvantaged due to lack of accessibility.
  • Most Live-play RPG games do not meet our definition of Audio Drama, as while they do overlap in elements, much of the dramatic tension and conflict resolution is handled through mechanics of the game, out of character discussion, and their format is distinctly different from an improvised or scripted audio drama, particularly if there is no sound design.

You can submit your nominations here. Before you make a nomination, be sure to check the list of nominees first.

Some Audio Drama

Did you see what I did there? If you are rolling your eyes, then blame Mischa Staton, they tweeted the first pun:

If you missed it, there was another New York Times article that gave us all mixed feelings. On one hand, we were excited to see Adventures in New America get some good publicity, but the article threw the whole audio drama community under the bus. It left a lot of people angry, myself included. A lot of us tweeted about the article and at the author, Amanda Hess. Ely (@ShoMarq) tweeted an incredible thread that ended with “Know that we are here, and we are loud, and we are talking about the things that affect us, the political and social events of the world around us. And sure, we’re also talking about magic. I hope that makes you want to listen.” You can read the entire thread here.

Hess quickly responded to the comments in this tweet:

I can also report that she is reading the emails that people have sent her recommending indie audio dramas. I can’t help but smile at how this all ended, it gives me a lot of hope.

Pitch your audio drama

I am accepting pitches for audio dramas, so send them to me.

If your audio drama is releasing its first episode between September to December 2018.

Fill out this form

Or you can send an email to with the following information:

• Name of audio drama
• Name of creator(s)
• Description
• Website [optional but preferred]
• Press Kit [optional but preferred]
• Release Date

If your audio drama has debuted before September 2018, or you would like to pitch a new season that is going to be released between September to December 2018.

Fill out this form

Or you can send an email to with the following information:

• Name of audio drama
• Name of creator(s)
• Description
• If pitching a new season then please include the release date
• Number of seasons
• Number of episodes
• Website [optional but preferred]
• Press Kit [optional but preferred]

I will let you know that if you decide to send a pitch by email, or by sending me a dm on twitter, you need to put some effort into it. I am pretty easy-going, but I have gotten too many pitches that read like a late night text, so put some effort into it.


We are going to end this with a short talk about vulnerability. We don’t like to share that we are struggling for so many different reasons. Personally, I find it easy to share my struggles with depression and anxiety, but I don’t often talk about my impostor syndrome or how often I feel overwhelmed with everything. When I am able to have a moment to think about this, I realize how stupid it is to feel like I have to hide these feelings. We all have moments where we feel like we have done nothing to earn our place, or where we feel like we have absolutely no control over anything. Sean and Eli from Alba Salix are incredible people, and they tweeted this thread about this.

I went on a two month hiatus, and a lot of it had to do with how I felt that I was messing up a lot. I was missing deadlines and felt like I was failing everyone. Looking back, I can see that it wasn’t that big of a deal, and it was easy to get caught up. But at the time, I felt terrible, and I kept that to myself. I think that by sharing this, and being more open about these types of struggles, we can feel like we aren’t alone. We need to be kind to ourselves.

I cannot wait to share even more with you all, so be sure to follow or subscribe to the email list so you can stay up to date when I post. If you have any suggestions for future posts, or want to chat you can find me on twitter @Audiodramarama or @Cult_of_Trash and email me at

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