Change is coming

Hey everyone,

I wanted to create a post explaining the changes coming to AudioDramaRama (ADR). I didn’t put much planning into the site when it was first created and I have been slowly making changes and adding things to it as it grows. ADR has gotten to the point where I need to make changes for it to continue growing in the way that I want it to grow. I am not getting rid of the recommendations, interviews, or any of the posts. I will be adding some new things to the website:

  • Review Policy and Procedure
  • Updated About page
  • Resource page
  • A newsletter might be in the works
  • Updated Welcome page
  • Updated Contact page
  • Forms for things like requests and telling me about your audio drama
  • Art [I’m commissioning a lot of art so this site isn’t so boring]
  • Mission Statement
  • An actual schedule

This will be happening over the weekend. I was planning on making the site unavailable during this time, but the ways to do it make me nervous so i’m just going to get everything in place and try and roll it all out at the same time.

I want to thank all of you for your support and giving me the motivation to do any of this, you are awesome!