10+ Spoopy Podcasts for Halloween 2018

October is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t be spoopy. All year is Halloween, or it is in my house. I leave my skeletons, pumpkins, and other spooky decor up all year long. So it’s no surprise that I have a bunch of spoopy audio dramas on my phone. I LOVE Halloween, so grab a warm beverage, cuddle with your animals under some fuzzy blankets, and get ready for a hauntingly good time… see what I did there? Enough eyerolls, on to the list!

Note that the list is not a ranked list, their positions are random.

Spoopy 1: Tribulation


I still get the chills when I think about this podcast. I actually recommended it shortly after I started ADR (read it here). I have this morbid fascination with cults. It’s part of the reason why I studied psychology in university. I was interested in the psychology of influence and persuasion. If you want some reading recommendations, message. I also love horror, and when the two are combined, you get Tribulation. The story begins with a couple taking the backroads home. It’s late at night and they decided to flip through channels trying to find something interesting on the radio. Boy do they find something, they manage to tune into a fire and brimstone sermon, but the pastor begins to talk directly to them. Tribulation will leave you in a constant state of terror.

Spoopy 2: The Alexandria Archives

Alexandria Archives

The Alexandria Archives is a horror anthology set in the college town of Alexandria. I have chosen to include episode 2 in this list, but I highly recommend that you subscribe and listen to all the episodes. Episode 2 is about two people decorating their house on Halloween. This episode is one of my favorite episodes, and is one that “sticks with you.” Just a warning, this episode is different than their usual episodes, it has quite a bit of gore. It’s just delightfully mundane, but completely horrifying.

Spoopy 3: The Blood Crow Stories

The Blood Crow Stories

Do you want a queer horror? Any answer other than yes will be ignored. I would like to suggest The Blood Crow Stories. This podcast has a very unique framing device to tell the stories, which changed each season. The stories are actually nightmares that are being harvested by The Facility, under the guise of a sleep study. So each season a completely different story is able to be told because it is a different person’s nightmare. It is so incredible and at times, it hurts you so good.

Spoopy 4: The Lovecraft Covenant

The Lovecraft Covenant

If you like horror mysteries and H.P. Lovecraft, then you will love The Lovecraft Covenant. A serial killer is on the loose in New England and it’s up to FBI Agent Dolores Nayle and her team to catch them. There is a weird connection between the victims and the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Listen to this six episode horror audio drama and find out the conspiracy that is going on in this New England town.

Spoopy 5: Mabel


Mabel begins with a series of voicemails left by a live-in caregiver for the granddaughter of the patient. The calls begin to get more personal and things begin to become more supernatural. If you want a tale of ghosts, supernatural, family secrets, and missed connections, then you will want to check out Mabel.

Spoopy 6: GONE


GONE follows a woman that wakes up and discovers that everyone has vanished. She struggles to make sense of her situation and figure out what to do next. To make matters worse, weird things begin to happen, and the world is getting darker. This is a story about isolation, terror, pain, and resentment. If you want a good psychological thriller, then you should listen to GONE.

Spoopy 7: I Am In Eskew

I Am In Eskew

I Am In Eskew was the recommendation from a few weeks ago (read it here). It follows David Ward and his weird experiences in Eskew. Eskew is a city filled with impossible horrors; there are streets that go nowhere, sentient buildings, changing landscapes, and imposing architecture.

Spoopy 8: The White Vault

The White Vault

I am fascinated with the Dyatlov Pass incident where nine hikers mysteriously died in the Ural Mountains. Something had caused them to flee from their tents without proper clothing and what happened that night remains a mystery. The White Vault is a series of recordings collected from a repair team that were sent to Outpost Fristed located in Svalbard, Norway. They find a lot more buried beneath the ice than they could have ever expected.

Spoopy 9: The Phenomenon

The Phenomenon

“Do not look outside. Do not look at the sky. Do not make noise.”

The Phenomenon follows a series of survivors following an alien invasion. 80% of the population has been obliterated via exsanguination. The survivors are trying to figure out what they are facing and how to fight it, which is difficult when you can’t even look at your enemy.

Spoopy 10: On a Cold, Dark Night

On a Dark, Cold Night

I started this audio drama a little oddly, I just thought it was an anthology so I jumped right in and listened to a later episode. That usually isn’t my style. I like listening to the beginning and working my way up. But for some reason, I decided to just listen to a newer episode. After I finished I asked if there was a secondary  plot, and so I started over and listened to the first episode. Let me tell you that this is one that you don’t want to miss. I LOVE these stories. So these tales are shared by a woman/creature living in a tiled basement. They are so incredible and delivered in an amazing voice. I have a hard time describing what makes this podcast so good, and it just reminds me of sitting down with someone who has experienced so much in there life, and they love talking about it.

Because I love Halloween so much, here are a few extra audio dramas for your listening pleasure

Spoopy Extra: The Bridge

The Bridge

The bridge in The Bridge is the Transcontinental Bridge. That’s right, it’s a bridge that crosses the ocean and connects continents However, it was eventually abandoned after a series of events happened. There are still a few people managing the watchtowers in case someone happens to travel the Transcontinental Bridge… it’s unlikely since there are many mysterious things lurking in the water and abandoned buildings.

Spoopy Extra: Return Home

Return Home

Return Home is a story that follows Johnathan Baker and his return home, after getting a series of mysterious calls telling him to return. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but is really creepy at times. Johnathan along with his friends battle creatures and deal with a cult that might not have their best interests at heart (and honestly it’s a cult). If you want a good laugh along with a weird horror, then listen to Return Home.

Honorable mention to The Cursed Inn

The Cursed Inn Podcast

The Cursed Inn is like The No Sleep Podcast in that it is an anthology podcast with stories taken from the internet. I don’t actually like creepypasta stories because I always end up coming across the ones that are written purely for shock and disgust. There is also a serious lack of content warnings. However that is a topic for another article. I listened to episode 2 of The Cursed Inn and it was so creepy. Episode 2 is about a town in Eastern Europe, where creepy things happen at the end of the month. The story will leave you checking the locks on your doors and windows.

What’s your favorite spoopy audio drama? Do you have any Halloween audio dramas you just love to listen to during this spoopy season? Let me know in the comments below!

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