Kiss my brass

Was that a cheap joke? Yes, am I sorry about making it though? No, no I am not. I have something to share with you that will come as a surprise (pause for sarcasm), I love steampunk. I actually love a lot of things with punk as a suffix: cyberpunk, hopepunk, and steampunk. Steampunk is just so fascinating to me because it is a less suppressed Victorian era with fancy gadgets. I think we can all agree that the Victorian era was not great, and that it would have been better with steam powered tech. I also, really love campy mysteries like Scooby Doo, The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries, Murder She Wrote, and Miss Marple. So when I came across an audio drama that had all of this, plus a bit of queerness, you know that I jumped right on that. Let me introduce you to this week’s recommendation: BRASS.

Image credit: Wynne H Earle

BRASS by John Longenbaugh follows a family of four geniuses: Lord and Lady Brass, their daughter Gwendolyn, and their son Cyril. The family has come back to London after years abroad, and they have been given a task as they are being welcomed back. They are charged with wiping our a criminal underground government that has taken hold of London. The one in charge is called The Crime Minister, and they has gathered all the London criminals under one banner.

BRASS has two seasons and 23 episodes. The there is an average run-time of 14 minutes an episode so you can listen to the series pretty quickly.

Steampunk mysteries need to become a thing. BRASS reminds me of something I used to watch as a child, but I can’t remember what the show was called. It could just be an amalgamation of Scooby Doo and Sherlock Holmes.I just love the idea that multiple villains are coming together to create a shadow government and the Brass family have to take them out. I also love that the family interact with historical figures like Tesla and Oscar Wilde, and boy are those interactions a delight. If you love the mystery genre and steampunk,then this is an audio drama that you do not want to miss. I highly recommend giving this a listen.

You can find BRASS on Twitter at @BRASS_pod. Visit their website at You can support them on Patreon. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to them wherever you listen.

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