Today’s the Day!

Good afternoon you beautiful people.

Later today I will be posting the long overdue recommendation, so keep an eye out for that, it is going to be a great one. I am taking a short break from writing that recommendation to share some news with everyone. Who knew you could get so much done when you are stranded at a dealership waiting on your car to be fixed.


If you have already voted, you are fantastic! If you haven’t voted, what are you waiting for? GO, stop reading this and go vote.

Okay, now that my soapbox has been put away, let’s talk about AudioDramaRama. Hopefully, you have noticed that the website has some beautiful new artwork. The header, icon, and Twitter cover image were all made by the wonderfully talented Rey Noble, they’re awesome. You may have noticed that I am beginning to expand a little, there is now an Instagram for ADR. I mostly share pictures of my dog and what I am listening to, check it out. This leads me to a big announcement! There is now a discord for ADR! You can join it, I plan to be doing a lot of fun things with this server, so you don’t want to miss out. Also, I will feel terrible about myself if no one joins, and I will end up buying things to fill the void in my life that you left by not joining my discord server. Seriously though, I am planning on sharing some teasers and having a few giveaways. You can join the discord by clicking on this link.

This month will be packed with articles and I’m sure you will find a bunch of new podcasts to listen to. Between all the podcasts that have debuted and started a new season, I have plenty to write about. I am also accepting review requests, the deadline for submissions is the 10th of November. So be sure to email your audio dramas.

I lied, I am not finished talking about voting. But this time it is voting for The Audio Verse Awards. Due to a voting issue, they have extended to voting to this week. So if you haven’t voted for your favorite audio dramas, go vote here.

Have fun and have a drink for me while I am stuck at the dealership.