Fun for the Whole Family

I have a bunch of audio fiction podcasts for you to check out, and these are good for any ages… for the most part, I don’t know how you parent so don’t blame me if you didn’t check before letting your child listen to Demon Summoning 101. It’s your fault that your child entered an unholy pact and filled your house with hellspawn, not mine. With that out of the way, let’s get on with the list!


Timestorm is about twelve-year-old twins named Alexa and Beni Ventura. While they are having dinner, they are sucked into an inter-dimensional portal and meet a distant cousin. Their cousin gives them a mission; they have to travel through time and uncover moments in Puerto Rican history. I had the pleasure of listening to the first three episodes and I love everything about it. I am excited to learn more about Puerto Rican culture and history while also enjoying a wonderfully crafted audio fiction podcast. 

Welcome to Tinsel Town

If you need some help getting into the holiday spirit then I have the perfect podcast for you! Welcome to Tinsel Town has everything that you want in a holiday story. It follows a young girl named Holly after she makes a wish on a Christmas Star. She ends up in Tinsel Town, a place where it’s Christmas every day, but all is not right in Tinsel Town. Things seem to be going wrong, and Holly is thought to be the cause. So it’s up to her and the friends she made in Tinsel Town to find the cause and set things right. 

Hostile Worlds

Hostile Worlds is a mix between a science podcast and an audio fiction. We are welcomed aboard a spaceship that’s a bit like the Magic School Bus. It allows us to explore alien landscapes without fear of being exposed to hazardous environments. If you listened to A Scottish Podcast you will recognize the hosts of Hostile Worlds. It’s extremely interesting and there are experts invited to talk about science. 

Eleanor Amplified

I used to volunteer for a crisis line, and I would go to this house every Sunday from 8 am to 1 or 3 pm. Sundays were pretty quiet, I would only get a few calls, so I tried to keep myself occupied. There was an ancient tv that could only get PBS. I ended up watching quite a few educational cartoons because I couldn’t read or play games the entire time waiting for calls. Eleanor Amplified reminds me of those cartoons. It is clearly meant for children, but I couldn’t help but listen to all three seasons and enjoy every second. It follows Eleanor Amplified, a world famous radio reporter as she foils the plots of crafty villains. It also teaches children about journalism and fact checking while also being entertaining.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel is a story about a great mystery! Children of H.G. Wells middle-school begin disappearing, and it’s up to Mars and his friends to find out what happened. 

Flyest Fables 

Flyest Fables is an interconnected anthology that is uses a magical book to tell it’s tales. The podcast starts out with a boy named Antoine finding the magical book that transports him to a world where Princess Keisha is on a quest to save her mother. You don’t want to miss out on hearing these fantastic tales. 

Becoming Mother Nature

Becoming Mother Nature follows Chloe, a twelve-year-old girl who is sent to live with her Grandma Ivy in Morro Bay, CA. Strange things begin to happen around Chloe and she discovered that she has a lot in common with her grandmother. They aren’t like other people. 

The Mayan Crystal

12-year-old Aurela uses a magic crystal to protect her village, but she ends up summoning more than the legendary Mayan gods. She awakens an ancient evil that threatens to consume the rainforest. With the help of her ancient ancestors and her friends she goes on a journey to save her village. 

Aaron’s World

Aaron’s World follows Aaron and his computer companion INO as they travel through time and explore the prehistoric world. It’s really cute and it’s about dinosaurs! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?! 

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a cute story that follows Finn Caspian, an 8-year-old boy aboard a space station. He and his friends go on adventures, solve mysteries, and save the space station. It’s a bit like Scooby-Doo or A Pup Named Scooby-Doo since they are children, but it’s set in space. Who doesn’t love solving mysteries in space?

Tink & Jupiter

This is a really cute podcast where a young teen named Tink discovers that she can wake up machines. Unfortunately she happens to wake her only Jupiter gaming console up and it goes on the lamb. Tink has to capture Jupiter before she’s found out.


Pixie is just a demon girl living in a lonely world. She loves to create beautiful pictures, unfortunately for her, she’s the devil’s daughter, and he has different plans for her. However, her dad will learn that you can’t plan your daughter’s life, even if you are the devil. Pixie along with her best friend Waine, search for a way out of her father’s kingdom before he can turn her into the demon he wants her to be. 

Well, I hope you found some new audio fiction podcasts to listen to! Do you have a podcast that you like to listen to with your family? Or maybe one that is technically for kids, but is really good? Let me know about them in the comments!

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