The hiatus is now over

Hello and welcome,

It has been some time since I wrote a list, recommendation, or anything for ADR, and for a little while, I considered just giving it all up. Every time that I wanted to sit down and write, but nothing would come. I had been living in my new place for a few months and I still couldn’t start writing again. I kept thinking, “Once I have XYZ done, I’ll be able to jump right back in.” But I still couldn’t write after I completed whatever task I set that I “needed” to do before I could get back to writing. Yeah, that didn’t happen and I needed a handful of months before I could see that I was putting a lot of stress on myself that was causing me to go into hermit mode. There have been so many recommendations, lists, articles, and reviews that I have been wanting to share, but have been unable to turn my thoughts into words. It has taken me until today to realize that that’s okay. I don’t have to publish something every day, week, or month. If I don’t expect those things from others, why should I expect that from myself?

So, what does this mean for the future of ADR? To be honest, probably not much. I’m not going anywhere, and I already had problems following a schedule. I am just explicitly stating that I will not be generating content following any sort of schedule. I admire people that are able to do that, but I already have a full-time job and hobbies that take up time. That being said, I don’t plan on going months without writing anything, I’m just not going to push myself to try and write two lists, two recommendations, one review, and one interview every month, and yes I somehow got it into my head that I could actually pull that off despite never coming close. Right now, I’m working at trying to write something once a month. I feel like that’s the sort of expectation that is realistic for me. I am also going over my plans for the website and making changes in relation to my situation.

I always surprise myself when I end up sharing so much more than I intended. I intended to share that I was ending my hiatus, but that I wouldn’t be trying to post something every week. But I believe in being open and honest about my struggles. I’m still writing and coming up with ideas, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Be kind to yourself and other
Drink some water
Make good choices
Know that I think your awesome