Alex Hensley

Alex Hensley is an audio fiction enthusiast living in Ohio. They curate lists, interview awesome people, write recommendations, and review audio fiction podcasts. When they are not promoting audio fiction, they are working on their second degree, this time in forensic accounting. They are a lot of fun, promise.

Alex started writing about audio fiction podcasts on twitter around November of 2017 and after a few twitter threads for #AudioDramaSunday, they decided to jump right in with a website and never look back. Sleep? Who needs sleep when there are so many podcasts to listen to?


AudioDramaRama is a labor of love. It takes time, snacks, and drinks to make. So if you would like to donate some money to keep Alex hydrated and help them get a constant stream of snacks, you can do so by clicking following this link to my ko-fi page.

Where on the internet is Alex?

You can find Alex on Twitter @AudioDramaRama and Instagram @AudioDramaRama

You can also find Alex floating around in many different discords. They even have a discord server for this show, you can join here.

In Person:

PodCon 2

Random sightings in Ohio